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    Sample Database

    1: With more than 300,000 sets of customized big data accumulated over more than 10 years of customized experience, we have developed three major database models suitable for Asia, Europe, and North America using advanced IT technology to realize the standardization and dataization of the model.
    2: 5000+ style selection, random DIY, provide multiple choices for the personality of the quality of men; 100 + body shape changes (different body type, standing position, shoulder type ...), provide special quality people with quality assurance, Really achieve a one person version.
    3: formatted storage, long time, a custom lifetime archive.

    365Dx24H Material Inquiry

    200+ exclusive custom fabrics, 100+ exclusive clothing accessories, At any time in the library for your DIY choice, while 365 days 24 small Globally provide you with inquiries. Build and guest Bridges for sharing resources, providing faster and more efficient cryptography Cut cooperation.


    Advanced Equipment

    Gebo automatic cutting system, Duke Pu intelligent sewing system, Stefenberg exclusive custom equipment, Bossell stereoscopic ironing system, Provides protection for excellent quality.


    Technical process

    1: Italian senior technologist and decades of experienced red Help the famous craftsman to provide the world's upper garment quality.

    2: More than 360 production processes to protect the garment profile structure and people The physical body senses the best state of the experience.

    3: Superb craftsmanship, grasping the precise body of every detail of the garment Now.


    Smart orders and production systems

    1: Self-developed and designed convenient and quick ordering mode.

    2: Intelligent data analysis, automatic error detection.

    3: Provide back-office support to create customer-specific order channels.

    4: Seamlessly connect with the production system, and quickly and accurately issue production instructions

    5: Smart Customer Service Settlement System.